Education is an essential component of success. Yet for former foster care youth accessing any sort of post-secondary opportunity — university, college, junior college, or vocational training program — is often financially prohibitive. The Indiana Education and Training Voucher Program (ETV) was established to help young people in need cover some of their educational costs.


ETV is a federally-funded, state-administered program providing academic and financial support to current and former foster youth to use for costs incurred in attending post-secondary education or vocational/technical training. Eligible students can be awarded up to $5,000 per academic year as long as they apply and receive ETV funds by their 21st birthday.

ETV funds, which are available until recipients turn 23, can be used to cover tuition and fees, textbooks and school supplies, tutoring, housing, living expenses, technology and laptop packages, student loan payments, transportation costs, medical expenses and student health insurance, and child care.

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