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Indiana Connected by 25, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides financial, educational and social support to assist foster care youth at a most critical time - when they are about to or have already transitioned out of the foster care system, most often with no family or economic support. Our programs dramatically enhance their chances to succeed, and can also help save our community $150 million annually. These programs include:

For each young person whose future we secure through our support and programs, our communities benefit not only economically, but in many other ways as well. Who knows what contributions will be made by former foster care youth in the future? The next great inventor, business leader, diplomat, scientist, artist, philosopher, writer, athlete, musician, physician, chef, filmmaker, or architect may be about to leave the foster care system and the help we provide will set him/her on the path to professional achievement and personal fulfillment.

Knowledge and preparation are key to success for everyone, but even more so for foster care youth who often have no role models or mentors they can turn to for advice or direction. Through a variety of community-based programs and services, we help our foster youth make a successful transition to adulthood. To learn more about our individual programs, please select from the links above.

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